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Enzyme Kinetics Data Fitting and Simulation

Enzyme Kinetics Workshop 4-day Intensive January 2-6, 2020

Why KinTek Explorer?

Model Complexity with Ease

Model arbitrarily complex reaction schemes using simple text descriptions:
E + S = ES = EP = E + P; E + I = EI
From this description, differential equations are generated allowing the system to be numerically modeled without simplifying approximations.

Understand your Data

Real-time dynamic simulation of progress curves as you drag rate constants and other parameters builds fast intuition about how your mechanism works, aids the planning and analysis of new experiments, and allows visual exploration of initial parameter values for the best fits to your collected data.

Broad Applicability

Fit kinetic or equilibrium data based on any signal that can be collected, whether optical, chemical, electrical, or radioactive. Fit different types of experiments simultaneously to a single unifying model, including experiments based on concentration, voltage, or pH series, steady-state, pulse-chase, titrations, and more.

Domain-optimized Data Fitting

Fitting tailored specifically to chemical kinetics, with linked reaction rates, boundaries on rates and concentrations, detection and constraints on thermodynamic cycles, and detailed error analysis including confidence contours on fitted parameters. Designed by kinetics researchers and improved through active research by numerous organizations for over a decade.

Empowering research and education for over a decade.

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