New Enzymology Kinetics Workshop

May 26-30, 2019 - Hotel International Brno, Czech Republic Modern kinetic methods coupled with high resolution structural data provide a powerful tool to establish reaction mechanisms. In this intensive four-day course taught by Dr. Kenneth A. Johnson, modern kinetic analysis using a variety kinetic and equilibrium methods will be detailed using numerous examples on proteins and nucleic acids. The course will focus on developing the path from experimental design to data collection and analysis to yield new mechanistic insights. In addition, tutorials on the use of computer simulation will develop a better intuitive understanding of reaction kinetics. Hands on problem solving will facilitate integration of the course material. See full program details and course registration (also available in the Documentation section of the downloads page).

Explore Your Own Data

Free unlimited trial with your data. Curious to try KinTek Explorer with your own data? Send us your confidentially-treated data in Excel or as tab-delimited text along with a detailed description of your experiment, including the starting concentrations, and a description of your model. We will return to you a mechanism file containing your data that you can explore for an unlimited time with the fully-functional free unlicensed version of the software. Once you see the ease and power of fitting your own data, we think you'll understand why so many investigators are adopting KinTek Explorer for their kinetic data fitting. Send data and information to

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